Vision & Mission




Become a Group developing in a form of Sustainable Ecosystem, supplying the most favorite packaging products and solutions.


Research and develop packaging products and solutions that bring “Safety – Convenience – Friendliness – Added values” to customers.



Faced with the rapid change in consumption trends, the Board of Directors at Haplast was wisely abreast of the times to define its new vision and mission. Sustainable development is Haplast’s thorough goal. In order to perform this mission, all activities will be based on core values which serve as immutable orientation principles representing the cultural values ​​that all company’s members are yearning for.

  • TRUST: Trust is top priority at Haplast. It is mutual trust between Board of Directors and employees, and trust among colleagues. However, Haplast not only stops at internal trust, our company always prepare full capacity and make great effort to assure each and every commitment that we make to customers. Protecting trust is not only a proof of our sustainable business philosophy but also precious personality of each individual at Haplast.
  • DEVOTION: Customer satisfaction and success are reasons for the existence of Haplast. Therefore, with all our dedication, we strive our best to bring to customers the products and services that exceed expectations. All members at Haplast always work and devote by all passion and thoroughness.
  • HUMANITY: At Haplast, good relationship between individuals is respected, business ethics is well maintained, relationships with customers, partners, colleagues and society are built with goodwill and humane spirit.
  • COMPANION: All norms of culture will be meaningless unless each and every member in Haplast family is self-conscious and strives together for the common goals. As a family, it is crucial that all members respect each other, maintain solidarity, and always put collective interests over personal ones. Since then, unity shall consolidate team spirit, put individual strengths into a single block and develop sustainable competitive advantages for Haplast.

It is also reflected in the companion of all valued customers and partners with Haplast throughout the development of the company. This is highly appreciated by Haplast and we always make great effort to become your loyal and reliable partner.

  • DEVELOPMENT: When each member at Haplast maintains and preserves the above core values and consider them the guideline for all its actions, Haplast family will definitely be well-equipped to go further with the new mission. To Haplast, individual development of each employee as well as business development of each partner and customer are our own success. These developments will act as a cornerstone, helping Haplast to become more prosperous and keep continuous development to greater levels.


Starting from a red nucleus (pantone 19-1761TCX) as well as its predecessor as a manufacturer of plastic bags, HAPLAST Group was established with a greater mission and vision, to provide packaging solutions and manufacture 3 product lines:
1. Compostable bags; 2. Eco-friendly and Disposable packaging products; and 3. Plastic bags.

HAPLAST is combined by two words “HAPPY” and “LAST”. We are Happers, we are people in Haplast. The name means each member of Haplast shall live and work in excitement, happiness and optimism. This positive attitude is crucial basis to create power, helping company to develop the best products and services. Thanks to that, we will bring satisfaction and happiness forever to customers by researching and producing beautiful, safe, environmental-friendly and biodegradable packaging products. Five member companies will produce and distribute various product lines to not only domestic market but also worldwide.

– Logo: The iconic image helps customers easily recognize that our company specializes in packaging solutions. Moreover, the logo means the sky, which expresses creativity and a firm fulcrum to show sustainable development.

– Letter “I” in the core represents “Individual”, which shows concentration of Haplast to regard people as the core basis. Each single individual at Haplast plays an important role and will be promoted to better develop in each stage of its growth. We, at Haplast, are Happers who are always happy and cheerful.


With the orientation to become a Group developing in a form of sustainable Ecosystem, all the dedication and every of HAPLAST product is directed to the greatest goal for the community to create a green future. HAPLAST always endeavors to research to bring the most valuable services, products and packaging solutions to all existing and potential customers.


1. Excellent and stable quality
2. Competitive price
3. Quick response within 24 hours
4. Satisfy customers’ special requirements
5. Dedicated service from all our Heart