“Blue swallow” is a program to build, accelerate and recognize business initiatives for social changes, aiming to seek out for solutions to contribute to solving social and environmental protection issues. With the message “Drive social business initiatives for sustainable development and humane community”, the event attracted the participations of representatives of hundreds Vietnamese enterprises.

With the aims at operating as a “Green” Group, becoming a Group with Sustainable system development, supplying the most favorite packaging products and solutions, HAPLAST signed up to participate in “Blue Swallow 2019”, with our desire to contribute to the green-clean-beautiful living environment.

The Blue Swallow is co-organized by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the Center for Social Initiatives Promotion (CISP). During this forum, HAPLAST has had opportunities to participate in Trade Fair, Exhibition and Gala event “Blue swallow” 2019 with a lot of unique activities. This is not only a chance for us to connect with many enterprises, but also helps to broaden our knowledge, to learn a number of useful initiatives that have critical and practical implications to the environment and community.

Coming to the Blue Swallow 2019, HAPLAST has brought up the initiative of “Successfully manufacturing of biodegradable bags which could be self-destructed 100% into fertilizers, water and CO2”. We have conducted research to manufacture biodegradable bags, based on European technologies, with raw materials made from tapioca, corn flour combined with biodegradable plastic. This product is completely safe for human health. Especially, these packing and bags are able to be self-destructed into fertilizers, water and CO2 within the period of from 06 months to 01 year (depends on environmental conditions). These products are the optimal replacement for current toxic plastic products on the markets. This study certainly would help to change consumers’ knowledge and perception, to contribute to plastic waste management and restriction.

Participating the Blue Swallow 2019 with our great efforts, HAPLAST is honored to be awarded as a Blue Swallow with our initiative.

We will continue to strongly move forward to create high qualitied products, carry out our mission in creating good values for the customers, both domestic and international community, through creative and sustainable business practices to develop biodegradable products which is eco-friendly and safe for consumers’ health.