HAPLAST JSC participates in plastic waste management Project with GREENHUB

Centre for supporting green development (GreenHub) is a Science and Technology Organization under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA). The centre has planned the program of plastic waste management in Vietnam for IHD organization of Poland. This program is supposed to be implemented in the period 2020 – 2025.

The content of this program is aimed to work with enterprise in 02 aspects: to reduce the usage of plastic/ replace plastic products with compostable, bio degradable ones, and to support enterprises in recycling.

HAPLAST JSC has oriented to develop a production model towards the “Green” Group. Therefore, we have researched and developed degradable bags and packaging products which are able to degrade in the environment within the period of from 06 months to 01 year. By our continuous efforts, HAPLAST has successfully produced biodegradable bags made from raw material derived from tapioca and corn.

With dedication to create a lots of eco- friendly products which are also safe and healthy for users; especially, HAPLAST would like to contribute efforts in environment protection, replacement solutions of plastic products, thus, we have decided to participate in the project “Plastic waste management in Vietnam” with Greenhub.

We have learned that Vietnam is becoming an alarming hot spot of “plastic waste pollution”. It is estimated that there are more than 1,8 million tons of plastic waste released every year. Our habitat is seriously polluted, especially in the oceans. It does not only affect to human health, but also causes huge negative harms to the ecological environment.

To contribute to the common purpose of the project which is to reduce plastic waste in Vietnam, HAPLAST signed with Greenhub to propose business innitiative plans in order to replace plastic waste. HAPLAST’s initiative to produce compostable bags which could degrade into fertilizer, water and CO2 has been sent to IHD Poland by Greenhub.

We do believe that this humane initiative towards sustainable business development would be the first choice for IHD to consider for supports, training and investment, contributing to the success of the initiative with a lot of studies, creating innovative self-destructive bags in the markets.