haplast training speaking, breathing and language skills for management officers

In order to help Haplast employees can convey to customers the meaning and value of the product. How to talk with colleagues so that they share the same direction, attachment, development companion with the company. How to present in the meetings, conferences, etc. The Board of Directors of the Company organized a training course on speaking, breathing and body language skills for managers so that they could speak confidently, fluently and persuasively, increase efficiency at work.

The training was held on 30th October 2019, under the guidance of Teambuilding Expert Nguyen Huu Quyen. The managers were trained on inspiring voice; pronouncing practice; practice speaking loud and strong; practice lisp; practice breathing in and out daily, practicing breathing from the belly.

With the on-going training along with practicing, managers can practice, express their timbre and adjust it under the guidance of experts, so that they can practice by their own.

Through the training course, employees learned how to practice voice, breath, body language to motivate listeners, build themselves in a more positive way, become more attractive to customers, colleagues and understand the basics of the good voice needs to meet the standards: Clear – Control the volume and speed of speaking – Smooth intonation – Inspiration. This is a valuable asset and tool for each employee to successfully complete the assigned work, demonstrating its own role in the development orientation of the company.

With the human orientation as the foundation, at Haplast, each employee will gradually be improved on the attitude, skills, knowledge to develop themselves and towards goal: becoming a Group.

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