The Improvement program from Samsung Group

With the efforts of the Board of Directors, Haplast (Hanoi Plastic Bag) is one of the few potential businesses approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Sam Sung Group’s expert delegation chose to join the business consulting program.

Accordingly, within 9 weeks, from 5/25/2019, Korean experts surveyed, assessed the factory and directly consulted, worked with company to improve production processes and quality, productivity and 5S.

After more than 2 months, Hanoi Plastic Bag has made incredible changes. Mr. Dang Van Anh –  CEO of the company said that Hanoi Plastic Bag has improved 70% 5S Basic, 50% productivity, 35% quality, in addition to increasing the accuracy of production plans, contributing to management inventory, analysis damage, reduce costs and eliminate waste at many stages. Improving the cooling system, the fan system has brought a cool, comfortable and efficient working environment to employees.

Accompany with Samsung’s expert delegation  to help employees learn how to manage, plan, work in groups, guide each other at work, create a sustainable and cohesive team.

Samsung experts said: “We highly appreciate the potential and great determination of Hanoi Plastic Bag. With the support from Samsung, within just 9 weeks, we have realized the results of the innovation efforts to improve and enhance their competitiveness.”

The success of the program is a valuable recognition for employees’s effort in the journey of joining with businesses to improve competitiveness and reach out to the world. This is an important premise that is also a motivation for Haplast to continue to promote and make appropriate adjustments in the future to bring the best efficiency in productivity and quality, towards becoming , the most popular group manufacturing bigodegradable and compostable bags in Vietnam.

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