2020 year-end ceremony – a cozy and lively moment

Among many annual activities at HAPLAST, the year-end ceremony is most expected of the year by all of our employees. On this special occasion, all employees will gather together to evaluate the achievements have achieved and issues that need to be changed to tribute to the development of company. This is also an opportunity for all of us to look back and to get closer together.

This year, due to strict compliance with the government’s call to take measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic in the community,our Year End Party program has been held on February 1, 2021 at HAPLAST factory (Hamlet Do Ha, Quang Vinh Commune, An Thi District, Hung Yen) with the presence of nearly 300 employees.

Opening the ceremony were sincere speeches from the Board of Directors, summarizing the achievements achieved in 2020 and outstanding notices encouraging all staff to continue their efforts. to achieve the goals and missions set out in 2021.

The highlight of the ceremony was a moment of honoring those individuals who had outstanding achievements in the company’s development activities in 2020.Board of Directors also affirmed that the company’s success is thanks to the contribution, hardworking and continuous efforts of each member.

In addition to the rewards of honoring individuals with good achievements, the Board of Directors also gave many other meaningful award such as award to motivate employees with difficult circumstances, motivating them to feel secure to moving forward with the company

Especially this year, the employees in the company have shown their enthusiasm with many exciting cultural exchanges that thay have been diligently practicing, to bring the happiest moments of communication to the whole group

In which, the most impressive was the unique fashion show created by the staff. The splendid and vibrant dresses with the theme “reunion” are designed from the materials that are the colourful packaging products


At the end of the ceremony, the Board of Directors sent New Year greetings to all staff, as well as encouraged workers to try hard with the spirit of hard work, so that the HAPLAST ship will always be as strong as planned development direction has oriented for the future.

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