Soft Loop Plastic Bags

Using soft loop bags (soft loop plastic bags, flexi loop bags) is a perfect way in marketing to promote your company image at low cost. With nice appearance and sophisticated printings, your company messages can reach customers’ heart easily. Manufactured in different colors and highly durable welded handles makes these bags more luxurious than other merchandise bags.
Soft loop handle bag can have top folded, cardboard in top, side gusset, bottom gusset, square bottom, cardboard in bottom to make the bag squarer, harder and nicer.

Usage: For shopping, as advertising tool, for trade shows, or promotional events and upscale stores.

Material: HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, Compostable
Additive: biodegradable, color masterbatch, recycle
Print: 1 or 2 sides, side gusset, bottom gusset or no print
Print ability: 1-8 colors/ CMYK
Form: Top fold, side gusset, bottom gusset, square bottom gusset, cardboard in top or in bottom.[:]

Luxury Soft loop bag

  DESCRIPTION OF PLASTIC BAG Size: 350+100×350+100mm Thickness: 80  mic Material: HDPE Printed...

Soft loop bag

  DESCRIPTION OF PLASTIC BAG Size: 300× 450mm Thickness: 60  mic Material: HDPE Printed color: 2...