Bag on Roll with core

Other names: Produce roll, Bag on Roll with core, Cored Roll bag, Food roll bag, Food contact roll, Food contact bag on Rol…
Description: Flat bag without handle, with plastic/paper core
Type: Tshirt or Flat bag on Roll
Material: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE
Color of bag: base on customer’s request
Thickness: From 6mic- 70mic
Bag size from 8cm – 120cm
Printing: 1-8 colors
Packing: based on customer’s request
Application: Food & fruit packaging in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels
Trash or animal wastes

Poop bag

Other names: Dog poop bags, doggy bags, dog waste bags, pet waste bags or poop bags Description:...

Bag On Roll, US market

Poly bag on Roll, US Market Size: 12×20 inch Thickness: 13 mic Material: HDPE Printed color: 1...