Compostable Trash bag on Roll

Other names: Garbage bags, Can liner, Liner, waste bag, refuse sack

Description: Garbage bags are usually large in size to store large amounts of waste.

Color: Natural color of the film

The bag on roll with a core (paper or plastic) or without a core.


– Flat garbage bag & “T -shirt” handle garbage bag

– Garbage bag on roll with core: flat or “T -shirt” types

– Garbage bag on roll without core: “star seal”, “C-fold” and “drawtape” folding bags.

Material: Compostable

Thickness: 20-150 mic

Size: 8cm-180cm

Packing: According to customer requirements

Applications: The thin garbage bags are used to hold light and clean items. The thicker ones are for heavy garbage. Use at home, restaurant, hotel or public area