Fire Fighting & Prevention in Haplast December 2020

Fire prevention and rescue (Fire Protection & prevention) is a combination of measures and technical solutions to eliminate or minimize the risk of fire and explosion and create favorable conditions. Beneficial, suitable for the rescue and salvage of people and property, effectively fighting fire and spreading fire and minimizing damage caused by fire and explosion.

Recognizing the important role of fire prevention and fighting, Haplast organized a training course for more than 250 employees on knowledge, professional training and rehearsal of the fire prevention plan in 03 days 23,24, 25/12/2020.

At the training session, in addition to providing information on a number of major fires causing serious damage to people and property that occurred across the country in recent years, the Police Officer imparting basic knowledge about fire prevention, fire and explosion causes and some fire prevention measures at the office and at home. In addition, officers and employees are also instructed to use on-site fire fighting equipment, escape skills, fire fighting measures …

Under the guidance of the Hung Yen Province fire prevention and fighting Police, Haplast’s employees have been practicing how to use the means of powder and CO2 bottles to extinguish the fire and how to quickly handle possible situations. out.
The organization of fire prevention training is also an opportunity for all employees to improve their understanding and sense of responsibility for FPF activities, thereby being proactive in FPF work, ready to respond to all situations of fire and explosion.

Teaching officer: Fire Police in Hung Yen province (PC14)
Training time: December 23, 24, 202020
Training venue: Factory of HAPLAST Joint Stock Company- Do Ha village, Quang Vinh commune, An Thi district, Hung Yen province.
Attendees: Staff of HAPLAST Joint Stock Company

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