HAPLAST culture day 18/08/2019

The cultural festival of Hanoi Plastic Bag (Haplast) is an unnual activity on 18/08, marking and recognizing the achievements of employees in the development of the company and it also is an opportunity for employees talking, learning, sharing to have more understanding, relating, loving. With the chairmanship of Director Dang Van Anh, members have the opportunity to exchange and engage through a series of collective activities and big games. Since then each employee will understand more about the corporate culture; receive collective strength, solidarity to continue promoting more internal strength, toward to a sustainable and long-lasting Haplast.

Ms. Pham Thi Hai Thanh – president of the company believes that “Haplast’s assets are suitable people who want to accompany for a long time with company”

2019 is an important year in formation and development of Haplast. This is not only an important marking the development of the corporation, but also a time to mark the maturity, strength and cohesion within Haplast itself. Therefore, the cultural festival on August 18 was born, shared by the Board of Directors, spreading fire and initially spreading to each member, understanding and loving more traditions where they are devoted.

Especially with the Haplast cultural festival, there was also the participation of a company advisor, Dr. Phan Tat Thu, guiding and helping each member of Haplast to show kind-talent-mind-moral with 5 big activities with high professionalism:

1: Training skills for employees on how to manage work effectively.

2: Honor individuals with outstanding achievements

3: Organizing birthdays for employees

4: Organizing teamwork with the contest “The most effective department production”

5: Organizing the team building, divided into 6 teams with the unique art creation competition, breaking the way.

Closing the Cultural Festival, there are still burning inspirations, emotions still lingering in each Haplast family member, with relentless efforts, a promise of development, develop together and be strong to take the Haplast’s boat  fly higher, farther and reach new heights.


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