The first day of the new year always leaves us with a very special feeling, which is the first sounds of spring, the season of hope. In this special moment, the General Director would like to send to all employees and families of Haplast wishes for the New Year’s happiness, health, wellbeing and prosperit.

Closing in 2019, we cherish the days that have passed and look forward to the days that are coming with great joy. Thanks for the hardships that made Haplast today- Strong and Uncompromising! Thanks for the success that has given Haplast today- Bravery and Confidence. Thanks for the dedication and support of employees for Haplast today – Companion and Development.

From the bottom of the heart, the Board of Directors would like to express our deep gratitude to all employees, especially those who for the sake of the company’s development sacrificed their own interests, always putting the company’s interests first. We are proud of you – Happers. Thank you to your loved ones, who have been a strong support for you devote to the growth of the company. We commit to make more efforts to bring benefits to employees and customers of Haplast.

Looking back all we’ve been through, we have the right to be proud of our achievements. 2020 opens a new journey with many new goals and challenges to grow the company into an ecosystem model. We believe that the goals for 2020 will be accomplished with  Happer’s trying, hard working and perseverence, success needs our own efforts with a strong will and determination.

The Board of Directors believes that kindness and sincerity are the real forces that can change the world. Me and you can do it always!

On behalf of the Company’s leadership, the General Director would like to wish all employees and families a new year of health, wellbeing, happiness and accompany Haplast to develop to a new level, affirm the brand in the International market, ensuring effective business, stable jobs, increasing income of employees.

Happy New Year!

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