Pride of haplast’s employees

In the bustling atmosphere before the new spring of 2020, Haplast calmly looks back on the journey from the beginning. For Haplast, 4 years represents maturity, a great turning point and an appropriate time to mark a growth and development, transform yourself to a large company, orienting to become a Group under the Ecosystem model from 2020.

Accompanying development with Haplast are the hardworking, happy employees who come to the company every day and love their work, with the desire to bring value to themselves, customers and the society. They silently strive day by day, devote their best, they’re are important factors for the growth, and the brand ambassador of Haplast. Haplast is proud to be a colleague, become a family with you …


  1. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang – 7 years

Deputy Head of International Business Department

“I have worked for many years because the company is always growing, the salary and bonus increase over time, giving me the confidence and peace of mind to work.”

  1. Mr. Hoàng Văn Êm – 5 years

Security guard

“Accompanying the company since leveling and building the first bricks. I spend more time at work than at home so I love everything here ”

  1. Ms. Hoang Thi Le – 5 years


“Haplast is a place where people and I have the opportunity to learn knowledge that is hard to get elsewhere.”

  1. Ms. Thao, Ms. Quyen – 4 years

Cleaning and cooking staff

“Coming to our company always feels like home”

  1. Mr. Hoang Dinh Trung – 4 years

Purchasing staff

“The company creates jobs for me, gives me a stable and happy life”

  1. Mr. Nguyen Quang Luan – 4 years

Mixing Leader

“I am so proud of 2 bosses: young, capable, daring to make the development of the company like today”

  1. Ms. Tran Thi Hien – 4 years

QC staff

“Colleagues are close, friendly and sharing with each other. A workplace full of joy and smiles ”

  1. Ms. Le Thi Nhu – 4 years

QC staff

“The company attaches great importance to human development investment, I have learned a lot from here.”

  1. Mr. Phi Van Thanh – 4 years

Leader of Blowing A1

“The improvements in production and administration in Haplast are admirable.”

  1. Mr. Duong Van Hoan – 4 years

Leader of Blowing A2

“The company is my second home, where I meet and engage with half of my life.”

  1. Mr. Ben, Mr. Luan and Mr. Thang – 4 years

“Working environment is constantly being improved, clean and airy”

  1. Mr. Thin, Mr. Bo – 4 years

Blowing Group A2

“The company is home, I came here to be brotherhoods”

  1. Truong Van Minh – 4 years

Blowing Group A1

“At Haplast, we are working in a clean, cool, friendly and safe environment.”

  1. Mr. Hai, Ms Tuyet – 4 years

Cutting Group B1

“My husband and I have been with the company since our establishment, seeing the company’s clear development. The leadership is friendly and takes care of workers’ lives ”

  1. Ms Loan, Ms Hang, Ms Thua – 4 years

Cutting Group B1

“Workers are trained systematically. We can learn and approach modern machinery and professional management ”

  1. Ms. Doan, Ms Yen, Ms Nga – 4 years

Cutting Group B1

“The company has many welfare regimes, concerned about brother’s life, many difficult situations at the company are also concerned, supported and encouraged by the Board of Directors.”

  1. Ms Yen, Ms Hang, Ms Men, Ms Vien – 4 years

“Haplast is a family, a place where I can safely dedicate myself to being rewarded.”

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