3 Notes When Importing Packaging Products from Vietnam

Vietnam is considered one of the prominent countries in the field of packaging production and export. In recent years, Vietnam has attracted significant attention from foreign companies and investors due to its developing economy, low labor costs, favorable geographical location, and investor-friendly environment. So, what should businesses importing packaging products from Vietnam take note of?

Export Regulations

In every country, there are specific regulations regarding the import of various products. Businesses wishing to import packaging products from Vietnam need to understand the relevant customs regulations and procedures. This includes documentation requirements, customs clearance procedures, taxes, and fees. Adhering to customs regulations ensures that businesses avoid legal issues and save time during the import process.

Quality and Standards

When importing packaging products, quality and standards are crucial considerations. Products must adhere to necessary standards for safety and quality, as well as meet technical specifications. This ensures that imported products do not pose harm to consumers and comply with the regulations of the importing country.

Legal Consultation and Tax Regulations

Another important aspect for businesses to consider when importing packaging from Vietnam is legal consultation and tax regulations. Businesses should seek legal advice on taxes such as import duties, value-added tax (VAT), export taxes (if applicable), and other fees. Understanding these issues helps businesses calculate and estimate import costs accurately while complying with legal requirements.

Import Packaging According to Your Requirements from Vietnam with Haplast

Choosing a reliable and reputable supplier helps businesses minimize potential risks when importing packaging from Vietnam. When searching for a trustworthy packaging supplier, businesses should consider factors such as manufacturing facilities, achieved certifications, industry experience, export markets, as well as reviews and feedback from previous customers.

With nearly 20 years of experience in packaging manufacturing and two large production facilities in Hung Yen, Haplast is proud to be one of Vietnam’s leading manufacturers and exporters of packaging products and biodegradable bags.

Each year, Haplast has the capacity to produce over 54,000 tons, serving 80 countries, including demanding markets like Japan, Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Spain.

Currently, to reduce import costs for customers, Haplast strives to provide maximum support through optimized packaging solutions. We also provide complete documentation for customers to apply the correct tax rates and collaborate with reputable logistics partners for fast, efficient, and cost-effective transportation.

We take pride in being one of the few businesses to achieve seven international certifications in the packaging industry, including JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), FDA (United States Quality Standard), BRC (European Quality Standard), BSCI (Social Responsibility Compliance), GRS (Global Recycling Standard), SGS (Food Safety and Hygiene), ISO 9001:2015.

Contact Haplast now or visit our online channels for reference and quotation requests!

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