5 Packaging Trends in 2024

The trends in “green” packaging and consumer habits are gradually changing, forcing packaging manufacturers worldwide to adjust their investment and production strategies. According to experts, the packaging trends in 2024 will focus on the following 5 types. 

1. Environmentally Friendly Packaging

In 2024, the trend of using sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging is expected to continue to surge. Consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental protection, prioritizing products packaged with recycled materials, biodegradable options, or those with reusability.

An array of innovations worldwide, such as coffee pods, milk cartons, and edible food films, aims to reduce plastic waste.


2. Smart Packaging

In addition to eco-friendly packaging, the trends in packaging for 2024 will align with technology. As AI continues to advance, advanced technologies will be integrated into packaging to provide better information and experiences for consumers. Packaging will simplify information using QR codes, RFID technology, or sensors. These codes will enable consumers to access comprehensive product information such as origin, expiration date, and nutritional details, and even track the transportation process.

3. Flexible and Multipurpose Packaging

In the future, packaging will not only serve the simple purpose of containing goods. Consumers are becoming more demanding, seeking flexible and versatile packaging that can adapt to various sizes, shapes, and flexible functions suitable for various purposes. This trend in packaging use requires manufacturers to research, adapt, and adjust packaging designs accordingly.

4. Interactive Packaging

Beyond its basic functions like holding items and protecting products, the packaging trends in 2024 will aim for interactive and experiential shopping experiences. Companies and brands can leverage packaging as a zero-cost advertising campaign. Utilizing packaging to create unique experiences, such as packaging that can change images, provide usage advice, or offer special discounts for future purchases.


5. Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging

Modern technology comes with an increase in counterfeit products. The packaging trends in 2024 will be designed to combat counterfeiting. Packaging can integrate anti-counterfeiting technology, and QR codes to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the product.


Embrace the 2024 Packaging Trends by Collaborating with HAPLAST

With over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, serving more than 80 markets, mainly in developed countries such as the US, the UK, France, and Australia, Haplast anticipates the future popularity and gradual shift in the production of these items.

We manufacture and supply various products such as food bags, garbage bags, recyclable bags, shopping bags, biodegradable bags, etc. With two factories in Hung Yen, Haplast can produce over 54,000 tons annually, serving 80 countries, including demanding markets like Japan, Europe, the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, and more.

Recently, Haplast was honored to be one of the 60 Vietnamese companies participating in the APEC 2023 Business Summit. This is not only a significant milestone in Haplast’s history and development but also a recognition and high appreciation of Haplast’s contribution to Vietnam’s economy.

We take pride in being one of the few businesses in Vietnam to receive many international certifications in the packaging manufacturing industry, including JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), BRC (British Retail Consortium), BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), GRS (Global Recycled Standard), SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), and ISO 9001:2015.

The certifications earned by Haplast over the years are evidence of our efforts and contributions to the packaging industry, as well as our responsibility towards the environment and society.

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