If we know how to create a working environment full of laughter, if we know how to live fully for us and for the people around us, we will certainly be more successful, customers will come to us more, employees will work harder and be more loyal.

 “FISH” – what image will appear when these I say these two words? A noisy place, a lot of argument? A place not very clean? Or a space of tired people after a night of fishing? But have we ever stopped for a few minutes to reflect on the similarity of the fish market with the philosophies in life?

FISH! – is a story starting of Mary Jane – who was assigned to be in charge of a department called “hazardous bio-waste landfill”, a stagnant, exhausting working environment live and nonchalant at work. The feeling of helplessness and despair completely crept into every corner of Mary Jane in the early days. Unexpectedly, during a visit to the interesting Pike Place fish market, she discovered interesting ideas that change the reality environment. The department headed by Mary Jane has changed and improved significantly, employees work with a positive attitude, higher productivity.

The idea of ​​the Fish Market for Life (author: Dr. Stephen Lundin, co-author: John Christensen, Harry Paul, Philip Strand) is built on practical experiences, from stories that authors witnessed and experienced at the world famous Seattle Fish Market.

New, precious ideas in FISH! – Changing views and attitudes have quickly spread and applied effectively at major companies and corporations in 28 countries around the world, creating a miracle in changing the environment and attitudes. The working spirit and manner of serving customers of thousands of employees, leaders and managers at HAPLAST Joint Stock Company.

A book called The philosophy of Fish Market for Life brought new lessons, many meanings. After reading the book, arousing excitement in life: when working as well as starting a new day, we need to choose for ourselves the best attitude to live and work, we have to know how to create a work environment and a life full of joy, so every day that passes is a memorable day. Finally, you must focus on your work, your dedication and your wholeheartedness for everyone around you. And that is also the philosophy that the author wants to convey to us – those who are always ready and know how to change to find opportunities for success and happiness in life.

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