PP Woven Shopping Bag

Description: PP woven is a bag made of PP woven fabric (woven polypropylene), mainly white or clear. Nowaday, with modern technology developed, pp woven packaging is designed with more styles and colors, so it has more applications in human life.

Raw material: PP woven fabric (woven polypropylene)

Characteristics: Two ends of the bag are glued or not glued with a PP patch, fold the bag splint and sew with cotton thread, the valve is shaped at the corner, the valve is structured on the principle of one-way, self-closing.

Thickness: 100-200 GSM

Printing: 2-sided flexo, picture and color according to customer request

Load bearing capacity: 5-50kg

Applications: Cement packing, plastering powder, taical…

Packing products for animal feed, food, confectionery, coffee, tea, seafood, cosmetics, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals …