President & Ceo message


Dear all valued partners,

Haplast JSC would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all customers from over 70 nations worldwide for your long trust on our effort to best serve and satisfy customers. It is our strong desire to keep receiving your companionship and cooperation in the years to come.

Our current success is not only thanks to the right and wise orientation from Board of Directors but also to the strong dedication of all employees. However, those achievements are not enough, our path will go further and be more meaningful when each of our product and effort is always directed to the highest goal of creating the Green future for Community. With the orientation of becoming a corporation developing in a form of Sustainable Ecosystem created with 5 member companies, each produces and supplies different product lines, HAPLAST JSC was established as a pioneer to build the cornerstone for this goal.

Each member company will have the same vision while performing different missions to create sustainable values and provide useful packaging solutions and services to customers. Understanding our mission, Haplast will create thousands of jobs, bring high incomes to workers and make contribution to the economic development of the country. Haplast will also create environmentally friendly products and be responsible for Community. With the highest responsibility and pride in being a member of Haplast family, we will fulfill our missions together, and create humane working and living styles with the motto “Serving with all our Heart”.

It is strong commitment from Haplast to ensure excellent product quality, devoted after-sale services and competitive pricing policies, which we have always been following for the greatest purpose of bringing satisfaction to all valued partners and customers, together with values to society.

We always acknowledge that the success of Haplast today and tomorrow cannot be fulfilled without the efficient cooperation and supports from all our valued partners. Your trust and success is our success. This achievement not only helps prestige and good image of Haplast be remained in the minds of customers but also serves as a catalyst connecting the strength of all employees to a solid and united group to develop sustainable competitive advantages – advantages created by good people and good personality of Haplast.

Best regards,

Wish you all the strong health and happiness!