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Flat bag on roll

Product name: Flat bags on roll

Material: Virgin HDPE/ LDPE/LLDPE

Type: with/without core (paper/plastic core)

Thickness: 6-200mic

Size & Packing: Customized

Color: Clear white, white, transparency, tinted Red/Blue

Usages: Supermarkets use bag on roll for fresh food such as vegetable, fruit, meat, etc.

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Flat bags on roll are an essential item for food storage in various settings, such as supermarkets and grocery stores. These convenient bags ensure the safe and hygienic packaging of fresh produce, baked goods, and other items. Made from high-quality, food-safe materials, these bags provide a reliable barrier against contaminants, preserving the quality and freshness of the products. Their roll format allows for easy dispensing and efficient handling, promoting a smooth and organized operation in retail environments. Whether it’s for fruits, vegetables, or bakery items, these plastic bags offer a cost-effective and sanitary solution for food storage needs.

Bag  TypeFood Storage Bag
MaterialHDPE, LDPE, Biodegradable, Compostable
Film ColorTransparent or Any color the customer wants
PrintingUp to 11 colors
Packaging1000 pcs/roll/outer bag, 4 rolls/ctn  

 or Customized packing as customer’s demand

Place of originVietnam (We have EUFTA and AAFTA so free import tax to many countries)
FeaturesFood Safety, Easy to dispense, Durable, Biodegradable/ Compostable (your choice), Leak-proof, Tear-resistant, 
UsageCommonly used for food storage in various settings such as supermarkets, grocery stores, households, restaurants, bakeries, and food production facilities…
MOQ5 tons
LeadtimeContainer 20GP: 1-2 weeks (After sample approval)

Container 40GP: 20-25 days (After Sample approval)

Advantages of Flat Bags on Roll

  • Hygiene: Flat Bags on Roll are typically manufactured in a controlled environment, ensuring cleanliness and preventing the introduction of contaminants during production. This helps maintain the hygiene of the stored food.
  • Convenience: The roll format allows for easy dispensing and tearing of bags, making it quick and convenient for packaging and portioning food items. This can improve workflow efficiency in a commercial kitchen or food production environment.
  • Customization: Food-grade plastic flat bags on roll can often be customized with logos, labels, or branding, which is useful for businesses looking to promote their brand while packaging food items.
  • Transparency: Flat bags on roll are usually transparent, allowing for easy identification of the contents. This can help with inventory management and quick visual checks of food items.
  • Versatility: These bags come in various sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of food products. Whether you need to store fruits, vegetables, baked goods, or other items, you can find an appropriate size.
  • Sealability: These bags can be sealed securely, either with heat-sealing equipment or twist ties, to ensure the freshness and safety of the contents. Resealable options are also available for consumer use.
  • Preservation: These bags provide a barrier against moisture, air, and contaminants, helping to extend the shelf life of food products and maintain their quality over time.
  • Cost-effective: Food-grade plastic flat bags on roll are generally cost-effective, which is important for businesses that need to package food items in bulk.
  • Sustainability: Haplast can produce these bags from compostable materials,, reducing their environmental impact.
  • Storage Efficiency: The roll format minimizes the space required for storage, making it a practical choice for businesses with limited storage space.
  • Portion Control: These bags are easy to portion, making it simpler to manage serving sizes and reduce food waste.
  • Protection: These bags offer protection against external factors such as dust, dirt, and pests, helping to keep food items clean and safe.
  • Compliance: They are typically compliant with food safety regulations and guidelines, which is essential for businesses in the food industry to avoid legal and health-related issues.
  • Long Shelf Life: Food-grade plastic bags are durable and have a long shelf life, ensuring they can be stored for an extended period without degradation.

Order Flat Bags on Roll from Haplast

With a commitment to excellence, Haplast offers Flat Bags on Roll in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Our products are known for their durability, reliability, and compliance with food safety standards. Moreover, Haplast’s competitive factory prices make us an excellent choice for businesses seeking cost-effective packaging solutions. 

Trust in Haplast for all your food storage needs and experience the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

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