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Loose bag

Product name: Loose trash bag

Material: HDPE / LDPE/ LLDPE/ MDPE/ Reccyle/Compostable

Thickness: 6-150 mic

Size: Customized size

Color: Any color is available

Usage: Garbage Packing in kitchen, garden, offices, restaurants, industrial sites, etc

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Loose garbage bags are commonly used because they are durable and can effectively contain and transport waste without tearing or leaking. They provide a good barrier that helps prevent odors and liquids from escaping, reducing the risk of mess and unpleasant smells. These bags can be customized according to your requirements, making them a convenient option for disposing of various types of waste.

Bag  TypeWaste Bag
StyleLoose Bag
MaterialHDPE / LDPE/ LLDPE/ MDPE/ Reccyled/Compostable
Film ColorAny color the customer wants
PrintingCustomized Printing Accept
PackagingCustomized packing as customers demand
Place of originVietnam (We have EUFTA, AAFTA so free import tax to many countries)
FeaturesHeavy-duty, Durable, Unscented, Large-capacity, Odor-blocking, Leak-proof, Tear-resistant
UsageIdeal for collecting and disposing of household waste, Commercial and Industrial Waste, cleaning up after events such as parties, festivals, and outdoor gatherings…
MOQ8 tons
Leadtime15 – 17 days (After sample approval)

Advantages of Loose Garbage Bags 

  • Durability: Plastic loose garbage bags are generally durable and can withstand a variety of waste materials without tearing or leaking.
  • Water Resistance:  Loose garbage bags are water-resistant, which helps prevent liquids from leaking out and creating a mess. This is especially important for containing wet or damp waste.
  • Cost-Effective: Plastic loose garbage bags are usually cheap, making them an economical choice for many households and businesses.
  • Versatility: Plastic loose garbage bags come in various sizes and thicknesses, making them versatile for different types and amounts of waste.
  • Lightweight: Plastic loose garbage bags are lightweight, making them easy to handle and transport. This is convenient for both users and waste management professionals.
  • Eco-friendly option: Haplast can produce loose garbage bags from recycled or biodegradable/compostable sources, contributing to reducing environmental impact by utilizing recycled content or materials that break down naturally.

Order Loose Garbage Bags from Haplast

Haplast is among the largest manufacturers of trash bags in the world. We offer plastic and compostable trash bags in various styles, sizes, and thicknesses to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our trash bag selection ranges from smaller bags commonly used as wastebasket liners to extra large contractors.

Trust in the quality and reliability of Haplast products to effectively manage and dispose of waste. Whether for household or commercial use, Haplast ensures durable and efficient solutions for your garbage disposal requirements.

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