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Pallet cover

Product name: Pallet cover

Material: PE

Thickness: 20-200mic, customized

Size: Customized size

Color: Clear, Black, Yellow, Purple…

Usage: Protecting pallet

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Pallet covers play a crucial role in safeguarding goods during transportation and storage. These protective covers are typically made from durable materials, providing a reliable barrier against dust, moisture, and other environmental factors. Pallet covers shield products from potential damage, ensuring their integrity throughout the supply chain. Pallet covers come in various sizes and thicknesses, offering flexibility to accommodate diverse loads. Whether shielding merchandise from the elements or maintaining hygiene standards, these covers contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of logistics operations.

Bag  TypeProtection Bag
Film ColorTransparent/Black
PrintingCustomized Printing Accept
PackagingCustomized packing as customers demand
Place of originVietnam (We have EUFTA, AAFTA so free import tax to many countries)
FeaturesBags are pre-cut and perforated on a roll for easy dispensing, Moisture-proof, Tear-resistant
UsageCover and protect equipment and pallets during shipment & storage
MOQ10 tons
Leadtime12 – 15 days (After sample approval)

Advantages of Pallet Cover

  • Protection from Elements: Pallet covers protect goods on pallets from external elements such as rain, snow, dust, and sunlight. This is crucial for products that can be damaged or degraded by exposure to the elements.
  • Weather Resistance: Pallet covers are often made from weather-resistant materials, providing an extra layer of protection against harsh weather conditions. This is particularly important during transportation and storage.
  • Dust and Contamination Prevention: Pallet covers help prevent dust, dirt, and other contaminants from settling on goods during storage or transportation. This is important for maintaining the quality and cleanliness of products.
  • UV Protection: Pallet covers are designed to provide ultraviolet (UV) protection, preventing sunlight from damaging or fading sensitive goods over time. This is especially valuable for products that are light-sensitive.
  • Security and Tamper Resistance: Pallet covers can be used to secure and seal palletized loads, providing a level of tamper resistance. This is important for high-value or sensitive goods.
  • Custom Sizing: Pallet covers can be customized to fit specific pallet sizes and configurations, ensuring a snug and secure fit. This customization helps optimize protection and minimize material waste.
  • Cost-Effective Packaging: Using pallet covers can be a cost-effective way to protect goods without the need for additional, more expensive packaging materials. This can lead to cost savings in the overall supply chain.
  • Ease of Handling: Pallet covers are often designed for easy handling and application. They can be quickly placed or removed, facilitating efficient loading and unloading processes.
  • Branding and Identification: Pallet covers can be customized with branding, labels, or other identification information. This allows easy recognition and tracking of palletized goods in a warehouse or during transit.

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