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Tubing roll

Product name: Poly tubing on roll

Material: 100% virgin PE material

Thickness: 30-150mic, can be customized

Length: customized as request

Color: Clear/Colored

Usage: Food package (Meat / Cheese / Sausage / Fish / Seafood / Nuts / Fruit / Vegetable…), small household items, etc.

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Tubing rolls are versatile and cost-effective packaging solutions widely used in various industries. Composed of polyethylene material, these rolls offer exceptional flexibility, durability, and resistance to punctures, making them ideal for protecting items during storage or transportation. Available in various widths and thicknesses, poly tubing rolls allow for customizable packaging tailored to specific needs. Whether used for packaging irregularly shaped items, creating custom-sized bags, or protecting goods from dust and moisture, poly tubing rolls provide a reliable and efficient solution. Their ease of use, clarity for easy identification, and ability to be heat-sealed make them a popular choice for businesses seeking practical and adaptable packaging solutions.

Bag  TypePlastic Film Roll
Film ColorTransparent
PrintingCustomized Printing Accept
PackagingCustomized packing as customers demand
Place of originVietnam (We have EUFTA, AAFTA so free import tax to many countries)
Features-The tubing roll can be cut to different lengths based on the size of the product it needs to pack. The end of the tube can be taped, stapled, or heat-sealed… for enclosure.

-Moisture-resistant, Leak-proof, Cost-effective, Shock-proof

-Resistance to physical impact damages

-Resistance to high and low temperatures …

UsageIdeal for packaging many items. Especially long, oddly shaped, or exceptionally large items. 
MOQ8 tons
Leadtime12 – 15 days (After sample approval)

Advantages of Tubing Roll

  • Versatility: Poly tubing roll is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. It is available in various sizes and thicknesses, making it suitable for different packaging needs.
  • Customizable Lengths: One of the significant benefits of poly tubing rolls is that they can be cut to custom lengths, allowing for efficient and tailored packaging solutions. This feature helps reduce waste and ensures that you use just the right amount of material for each packaging task.
  • Cost-Effective: Poly tubing is often more cost-effective than pre-made bags or other packaging materials. By purchasing it in rolls, you can cut the tubing to the exact length you need, minimizing material waste and reducing overall packaging costs.
  • Protection and Durability: Polyethylene tubing provides a barrier against dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors that can potentially damage the contents. It also offers resistance to tearing and punctures, providing a level of durability that is crucial for protecting goods during storage and transportation.
  • Ease of Use: Poly tubing is easy to use, especially with the appropriate equipment such as a heat sealer. This makes it a convenient packaging solution for a variety of industries, from manufacturing to retail.
  • Transparent Options: Poly tubing rolls are usually transparent, allowing for easy visibility of the contents. This is particularly useful in retail packaging, where the product needs to be displayed attractively.
  • Ease of Storage: Rolls of poly tubing take up less space compared to pre-made bags or boxes. This can be especially advantageous in environments where storage space is limited.
  • Wide Temperature Tolerance: Poly tubing roll can often withstand a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for packaging products that may be exposed to varying environmental conditions.

Order Tubing Roll from Haplast

When it comes to Poly Tubing Roll, you’ll find almost anything that you could possibly need at Haplast. As a reliable manufacturer and supplier, Haplast offers an extensive array of options to cater to diverse requirements, from packaging solutions to industrial materials, or custom lengths. With a commitment to quality and versatility, our poly tubing rolls exhibit durability and flexibility, making them ideal for packaging, shipping, and storage purposes. 

Trust in Haplast to deliver not just products, but tailored solutions for your specific poly tubing requirements.

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