Quality control


Customers always desire to use the best products, ensuring quality and safety for their health. Placing in the customer’s position and being aware of and understanding the importance of quality issues, Haplast has built a strict quality control process and strict compliance.

Step 1: Get started

  • Commitment to Quality Assurance QA (Quality Assurance) to implement QC (Quality Control) activities systematically.

Step 2: Develop quality standards

  • List quality assessment criteria, testing tools, and scale for each commodity group to implement QC input, process and finished product.
  • Issue quality manuals

Step 3: Develop product standards

  • Based on general quality standards by commodity groups, building quality control criteria for each product, testing methods, measuring tools and scales, and the basis of decision to accept or reject.
  • Develop QA inspection guidelines, attach samples, and product records.

Step 4: Error classification and AQL development

  • Grouping errors according to the 5M + 1E criterion
  • List in detail the errors, how to identify them, cause them, classify the items, and the handling method
  • Assign AQL (Accepted Quality Limit) – Accept defective products according to the Test Difficulty for each product.

Step 5: Check the quality

  • Each production order (PO) has a sample with enough specifications: size, color, thickness, packaging, quality and quantity. Each PO has a signed customer sample.
  • Prepare QC quality check sheets for input, process, and finished products for each LSX.
  • Conducting inspection and data collection for genuine, byproducts, byproducts, and errors caused. Make a decision to accept or reject the shipment based on the instructions that the QA has issued.
  • Make COA (Cost of Quality Assurance) minutes for major faults to correct and ensure non-repeated fault action.

Step 6: Prevention of defects

  • Statistics on the number of defective products and the cause of the error at the stage.
  • Outline measures to prevent defects.