Haplast’s organizing for staff members in day 20/10

October of the thousand flowers, is the moment of the Ha Giang circuit, the capital of daisies, the capital of Da Lat or the wild flowers of Da Lat racing to bloom in all parts of the country.Coincidentally, this is also an opportunity for the Board of Directors of the company and all male employees to express their respect and love to the women of Haplast – the “beautiful flowers” regardless of their position. promote their role, strength and ingenuity.

On the morning of October 19, 2019, in a series of welcome activities on October 20, Haplast Joint Stock Company organized an intimate meeting to congratulate the women on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day. In the meeting the General Director of the Company sent the best wishes to the female employees in Haplast, honoring the sisters who have become typical faces of good labor, creative labor and encourage women to continue to promote themselves to become excellent officials, strive to perform well all the assigned tasks.The meeting took place in a warm, joyful atmosphere with impressive music items with fresh bouquets, meaningful gifts for all the women in the Company.

The activities in the program have been thoughtfully organized, warmly, showing interest and evidence of the commitment of the Board of Directors in the care of spiritual and material life for employees.

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