Vtv1 advertise production program in haplast

On 25th September 2019, Haplast had the honor to welcome VIA / IDC representatives (Center for Industrial Development Support) and VTV1 editors and reporters to the company to acknowledge the following improvements of the business afer accompanying Samsung’s consulting group in production innovation, quality management and goods circulation through maintaining the working environment (5S3D) and improving productivity.

As noted by IDC and VTV1 reporters, Haplast is a company has stability, promoting development of improvement projects from the training course. The images recorded directly at the factory and through the interview with General Director Dang Van Anh, IDC was surprised about the breakthrough of a young business in its transformation to the group. Just over 2 months of participating in the production improvement program, Haplast has improved 70% of 5S Basic, 50% of productivity, 35% of quality, in addition to increasing the accuracy of production plans, contributing to helping inventory management , loss analysis, cost reduction and waste elimination at many stages. Improving the colling system, the fan system has brought a cool, comfortable and efficient working environment to employees.

In the morning of the recording, the most realistic, beautiful and vivid images of the improvement results, the company’s image (close-up and flycam), machinery, working process of employees, etc. was recorded and will be introduced, broadcast on National Television VTV1, edit and publish in online newspapers. This is a communication opportunity for Hapalst to get closer to people, increase business value, promote the brand, and provide opportunities for cooperation with major foreign partners in the field of manufacturing towards to company goal: becoming a Group.

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